Sunday, March 10, 2019


As more details emerge following the gubernatorial and state assembly elections in Akwa Ibom, a pressure group based in Uyo, capital city of Akwa Ibom, has decried the dirty and illegal tactics deployed by the PDP in an attempt to gain undue advantage and rescue what is a sinking ship as elections progressed.

Items like mobile phones, cash, foodstuff, etc., were seen being handed out by the ruling PDP, in an attempt to persuade and coerce voters into voting for the party, as reported by observers who were deployed on election monitoring duty in the state by the group. This is not only untoward, but illegal as it goes against the provision of the Electoral Act, which contains the rules and regulations guiding gubernatorial and state assembly elections across the country.

The group would also like to use this medium to call the attention of the national leadership of the INEC, as well as other security and law enforcement agencies to this phenomenon, as it undermines the very foundations on which elections are built and regulated.

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