Sunday, March 10, 2019


The Kaduna State APC Campaign Council wishes to thank the people of Kaduna State for the peaceful conduct of the governorship and legislative elections in the state. The people have spoken eloquently at their respective polling units, and all that is awaited is the formal announcement by the electoral authority that has the legal mandate to conduct the election and to declare the result.

While this is being awaited, the PDP in Kaduna State has continued to behave most irresponsibly. They have been making reckless claims and slandering people on social media. They know they have been defeated, but they are rushing to make statements alleging that there are plans to rig the results.

The PDP even got some of their mouthpiece to release the fake news of contacts between our party’s candidate and returning officers. The APC respects the sanctity of the electoral process and does not engage in the subversions and manipulations that the PDP excels at. Their failed strategy to create doubts at the national about the results of the presidential election is being attempted at the state level. Just as it failed on 23 February 2019, it has already failed in Kaduna State.

This is most despicable conduct. No amount of slander and fake news can reverse the ignominious defeat the PDP has suffered. The total rejection of their politics of fear and ineptitude has resounded across the state. Repelled by the stench of incompetence oozing from the PDP’s candidate, many sensible persons have exited their sinking ship. The PDP is entitled to its delusions, but they cannot transform their illusions into fact.

The PDP has been quite reckless in advertising its unseriousness and demonstrating that is unfit and unworthy of the people’s trust. They insulted the people of Kaduna State by presenting the most unsuitable governorship candidate ever. The PDP based its campaign on creating division, peddling fake news and making forgeries. These are irresponsible tactics and the people of Kaduna State have rejected this.

The Kaduna State APC Campaign Council wishes to appeal to all our people to continue to calmly await the formal announcements of results by INEC.


Samuel Aruwan
Director, Media and Publicity
Kaduna State APC Campaign Council

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