Sunday, March 10, 2019


Some men do believed that they are doing a woman a favour by marrying her.

No man  is doing any woman  any favor by marrying her.

When you proposed to her, you knelt down, abi?

By You begged her, she had every right to had rejected you, but she considered you.

A man helps himself by marrying.

A woman helps a man find stability and focus in life.

A woman helps you plan and think responsibly.

Your wife helps you gain respect in the public.

So you are automatically doing yourself a great favor by marrying that good woman in your life.

Marriage is self discovery.

You can only discover your true self when you  start being responsible.

Last night, a couple was quarrelling on my Street, the husband was like, " because I did you a favour by marrying you?'

No Sir!

A capital NO!

You never did any favor to that woman by marrying her.

When a man finds  his wife, he obtains favors from the Lord: is that not a favour you are doing for yourself by marrying her?

Stop that ill-belief.

Stop treating that woman as if she is inferior.


She is also a superior being.

She came into your life to help you discover your worth in life.

She came into your life to help you not die untimely death at the hands of those many Jezebels you were badooing with.

When you are single, you are prone to the world, but when you are married, you are saved from the world.

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