Friday, March 15, 2019


When he transformed Akwa Ibom state overnight ... he was a legend.

When he empowered many people who never dreamt of riding even a motorcycle ... He was a legend.

When he made Uyo a dream location for every Nigerian ... He was a legend.

When he took prostitutes, hawkers and  kids off the street to give them free education and empowerment programs ... He was a legend.

When all the PA's to everybody serving under his government were building houses and swimming in millions ... He was a legend.

But because he decides to switch party ... He's a traitor.

Because he decides to make akwa ibom benefit more and more again from the federal sector ... He's a crook.

Because he wants the akwa ibom people to enjoy the present government the same way they enjoyed his era ... He's a demon.

If you are from Akwa ibom and you were able to feed your family or have by any means benefited an undeserving breakthrough through Godswill Akpabio and you curse him today ... You are very very ungrateful.

I know most of my people have had issues with this man but one thing I can testify is that I became proud of my state because of this man.

I was able to see Uyo in the map because of someone like Akpabio.

I love this man and I'd stand by him even if he is falling into a burning fire.

God will reward you my great Leader.

As for those that mock you yet were able to feed because of you.

"Only God" will judge them.

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