Thursday, March 14, 2019


This was my reaction to Tinubu's online urchin called Adeola Akinwumi who is already bragging about Yoruba 2023 Presidency: 

"Let me shock you. North will retain presidency in 2023. Mark my words! Once PDP zones its ticket to the north, the north will abandon the APC. South-East & South-South will rather vote for northern presidential candidate than Yoruba man associated with Tinubu. You guys betrayed the south severally. We must payback! That's the political reality. The divide-and-rule strategy will continue in the South. Igbo masses careless about presidency. Only the political elites are disturbing themselves about the position."

That's the sorry state political slaves left Southern Nigeria. Those Tinubu boys already celebrating Yoruba 2023 Presidency will be given the shock of their lives. The same north will abandon them for the PDP when the chips are down. The PDP will rather field a northerner just to return to power than risk losing again. That's the bitter truth. That's when Senator Oluremi Tinubu will "beg" Igbos for their trust again. Let them enjoy their pyrrhic victory that will soon become short-lived. The recent unprovoked attacks on Ndigbo in Lagos, which was sponsored by Tinubu just to retain Lagos, has widen the gulf of division in the South to the advantage of the north. 

Chidiebere Nwobodo

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