Monday, February 25, 2019


Dear Yoruba Thug,

Before you start a tribal war, read your history. A certain tribe without preparation or adequate training, held this country in open combat for 3 good years.

That tribe stood against the Hausa + Yoruba + UK + USA + UN for 3 good years.

That tribe did not yield. Until Awolowo decided to kill over 2 million of their children. He couldn't fight their men, so he starved their children to death.

So before you think you have a right to Lagos, read your history. That tribe ordinarily doesn't like to fight.

They like to migrate, settle down and make money.

They are not in Lagos because Lagos is beautiful or Lagos is conducive.

They are only in Lagos because Lagos is the only source of importation and these tribesmen are largely traders.

The IGR (Internally Generated Revenue) of Lagos is largest, major thanks to that tribe.

They operate and run most of the major markets in Lagos - Ojo Alaba, Balogun, Autoparts, Ladipo, Mandilas, Lagos Island, Idumota.

They build markets, warehouses, houses, estates, etc in that 'YOUR' Lagos.

All these they achieved even when all their assets were seized and they were made to start from 20 pounds.

What have you achieved with 'YOUR' Lagos heritage? You should be grateful!

Tinubu and other Yorubas should stop threatening them and start thanking them.

You think Lagos will stand if that tribe leaves?

IPOB with all their agitations did not disrupt elections in the east, it is OPC that disrupted elections in the west.

If IPOB had done half of what OPC did, by now python dance part 2 will have started, state of emergency will be declared, people's home will be broken into pieces and people grossly maltreated.

Don't start what you won't live to finish. 

In war, everyone bleeds. The oppressor and the oppressed.

However, those who have been pushed to the wall have nothing to lose!

Try it and see Igbos chase you useless Yorubas into the lagoon.


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