Wednesday, February 27, 2019


The Yorubas proved again that they are the most sophisticated voters in Nigeria. This election was fraught with massive rigging, but there is redemption. 

Notice how Yoruba voters gave their votes to PDP even though APC has a Yoruba VP. {I doff my hat to the Yoruba nation.

They are not a TRIBALISTIC people} By voting for an Igbo PDP VP even when APC had a Yoruba VP, they showed political maturity. And it is unfair to them to say it was Igbos in the SW that gave the PDP this 50%. PDP won in Oyo and Ondo, solid monolithic Yoruba States.

The voting pattern of the Yoruba in this election shows that merit is more important to them than ethnicity. Other regions have to learn from them. In terms of political maturity and tolerance, they are light years ahead of other regions of Nigeria.

Don’t allow any separatist leader to deceive you that Yorubas hate Igbos. Look at the facts. The behaviour of the Yoruba this election season should be appreciated by the SE. Drop whatever animosity you have against the Yoruba.

By their voting pattern in this election, the Yoruba proved that when they see competence, they ignore tribe. Let us learn how to play politics from the SW. Don’t confuse the desperation of Bola Tinubu with the behaviour of the Yoruba this election.

They voted their conscience. They did not vote their tribe. I am so impressed that almost 50% of them voted for Peter Obi over Yemi Osinbajo. I acquired a new respect for them

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