Wednesday, February 27, 2019


I know it is painful. I supported Atiku the much I could but the truth is that we have been beaten by Buhari.

Three states results will demonstrate why the system should not be overheated. The states are Anambra where Atiku won by over 480,000 votes, Adamawa his own state where he won by merely less than 35,000 votes. Another one is Buhari’s Katsina where Atiku lost with over 900,000 votes.

A quick lesson is that we cannot want Atiku more than his own Fulani people. It's like a football game where we lost to a referee. 

Four years is not too far. By then, Buhari would have proven his capacity to do what he is presently doing beyond all reasonable doubt. His regime cannot hurt Igbos more than what we are feeling now. We are far better economically than even his own people except few political appointees who have been anointed to be corrupt without charge.

Atiku and Buhari are brothers. Their kinsmen prefer Buhari to Atiku and we can see it in their choice and pattern of votes allocation. 

Igbos should note that there has not been any riot in the north since the results started being announced as compared to 2011 when a wrong person in the person of Goodluck Jonathan won. Even the insurgents in Kebbi and Borno had to take a recess to submit their election results or preference even if the the results were compiled by their elders.

Why then must Igbos cry more than Fulani nation?

Only a foolish Igboman would accept that his head be used to appease the land. Who will now inhabit the cleansed land after he is gone?

For those Igbo supporters of Buhari, I say congratulations to you. What next? I sincerely wish you more appointments in the military, police, DSS, NIA, NIS and customs. But you are not competent as Buhari will continue making his appointments on “merit”.

Sadly enough, most of you are not appointable. Your tribesmen didn’t even do up to 5% voting for him.

Even as shortsighted as you are, we love you all. You are still our beloved brothers and sisters. People like you keep wine tappers in our land in business. 

It is noteworthy that we need a peaceful Nigeria to do our business, worship in our churches and mad our madness. So, dabbling into Buhari and his brother’s fight should not be our priority.

Many of us still remember that it was Atiku, Saraki, Galadima etc who in 2015 gave the monkey the cup full of honey. How do they think that it would be easy to snatch it from him? Four years is here with us by which time all the old brigade would have retired or died. 

Let our elected representatives work with MNK to push for a restructured country so as to realize our potentials since it is obvious that we cannot achieve greatness under the current structure.

I have bought my laughing chair where I will sit to watch all those that rode on the back of the lion being used one after the other for supper once they start getting impatient with dividends of support of Oga. I would love to watch our southern neighbours when they are told, “you cannot have it in 2023, you want Igbos to secede?”

Let nobody exalt Fr. Mbaka beyond the congratulations given to a Lotto winner. I also reason with other men of God who saw a tall president in their vision and mistook him for Atiku. Some prophecies are fear or stomach directed. We sometimes fail in our predictions or prophecies as Men of God in other climes.

In all these, only God knows who and who would be alive to see May 29, 2019. These include all elected office holders. What is the difference between them and those who were killed during the election of blood they won?

We only know today but tomorrow belongs to God.

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