Thursday, February 28, 2019


Going by votes ACTUALLY cast by Nigerians on February 23, 2019, Mohammadu Buhari did NOT win the Presidential Election. 

In fact, unit, ward and local government results sent in by newspaper state correspondents (not to talk of those of international observers) did not tally with what RECs were reeling out in Abuja. In fact, I stopped following the announcement since Monday afternoon.

But INEC said he won. 

Some of those gloating on social media but who have access to credible information, know he did not win. In their subconsciousness, that inner part of us we cannot lie to, they know the truth.

I have a couple of family members who are gloating today, not out of any STRONG CONVICTION that the next four years would be better than last, but simply because the 'results' have met EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS. I wish them well. 

Having said this, if it is true that the Atiku camp is mooting an idea of a parallel government, they should perish it. I repeat: they should FORGET it!

First, his was NOT a movement. It was just an available option against an INEPT, PAROCHIAL, SECTIONAL and INCOMPETENT leadership. A sitting religious bigot sold to a gullible population as a man of integrity. A fake product that has failed even its promoters. 

Judiciary won't bring any succour either.

But there is one option that we are never patient with: that is PROVIDENCE.

If Buhari's victory is of God, then it will stand. But if it is not, let us watch. God is slow. He does not act WHEN and HOW we want Him to, but He has intervened in the affairs of this country in such a way that we were all shocked. Many can recall.

God is not God of injustice. You may get away with stealing and murder. But He acts when you least expect. 

Am I preaching? No. But let every discerning Nigerian watch between now and the end of the year.

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