Tuesday, February 26, 2019


"Honestly, I always knew APC would rig. I knew they had the liver to really go low. But I never knew and I am still dumbfounded how far they would be willing to go low. 

"In Kalabariland my home, about 20 deaths in all. The use of the military to disrupt voting in this manner is unprecedented.

"But I think they have overdone it. They did not care for anything. 

"This is not democracy. It cannot pass as democracy. And there was no attempt to be nimble".

Tinubu's bullion van as an example. It is overdone. The whole think stinks. I do have my doubts that it would hold together. 

"I am so disappointed. Nigeria is no longer worth the effort".

"All man should go farm his father's farm. Not worth it anymore to play like we are one".

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