Sunday, February 24, 2019


This election is not about IGBO and YORUBA. It is strictly about removing a murderously divisive and Jihadist govt from power. 

Contrary to media report, the OPC guy Mr Demola who allegedly led the gang that violently disrupted votes and snatched ballot boxes in some areas in Lagos is not dead.

It was actually the IGBOS around that took him to the hospital. He is currently recuperating at Isolo General Hospital Lagos

Demola and co are not Yoruba thugs because they didn't act on behalf of the Yoruba people. They are Bola Tinubu's thugs. Using their action to judge the entire Yoruba people betrays a worrisome level of deliberate ignorance .

All Nigerian people have their own ethnic idiots peddling their idiocy under different pretexts. As a responsible citizen equipped with the mental capacity to discern, you ought to know that the best way to confront such idiots is by denying them the oxygen of publicity which they so much crave. By sharing their hate product, you are helping keep them in business. 

That I have to This explanation is to clear any adult grieves beyond words.

It's MC Olumo's group scattering ballot boxes. Only one unarmed elderly policeman was there. Meanwhile, in peaceful PDP strong holds, we saw heavily armed police, army and DSS scaring people away. This should tell you that this is about a desperate conscienceless Jihadists using govt instrument to thwart the electoral process. 

As for the security of Ndigbo living around Ago Palace Way, Okota, the Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership, the Afenifere leadership and the Lagos chapter of Ohaneze plus notable Yoruba Elders like Chief Adebanjo and Co are very much on this. The Lagos State police Chief has given guarantee of maximum security in the area. If anything happens, we will hold him personally responsible.

Keep calm and follow the results from CREDIBLE sources. The Buhari Affliction Will Never Rise Again!

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