Wednesday, February 27, 2019


First of all, I want to congratulate President Buhari for his reelection,
I didn't vote for him but at the end of the day, he won. That's one of the beauties of democracy! 

Going through the results of the presidential election from the north, I can't help but admit that I am disappointed at the PDP presidential candidate Alhaji atiku abubakar.

1. Knowing fully well that there is a corruption tag hanging around you, why shouting "you will sell NNPC up and down"
What's the essence of the noise? 
And about selling it, to whom? 
Likely himself through a proxy and his friends, That NNPC brouhaha depopularise him. 

He should learn how to keep his mouth shut most times.
Does he know how many people lost their jobs when Nitel was sold,
Many Nigerians especially northerners were not comfortable with that selling of NNPC thing.

2. He didn't prepare well against rigging and malpractice. 
This is Nigeria where elections comes with drama, his presidential campaign organization should have put in mechanism in place to counter that. 
And BTW who was the campaign director? 

Oh Saraki, who was more focused on retaining his senatorial seat to no avail. Their whole planning was poor!

3. Atiku needs to ask himself why he was unpopular in the north? 

I never knew that he was this unpopular, 
Losing your polling unit to buhari is a big embarrassment please, 
Let's be frank, Buhari smashed the northern votes, 
We thought atiku will divide the northern votes, but what we saw was disheartening. 

Look at south where his vice president aspirant, Peter Obinna came from, PDP won the highest number of votes in the south,
That means that Peter Obi delivered.
To my suprise, the PDP votes from South west was very impressive
What is Atiku excuse for the poor performance of PDP in the north from where he is from?

4. Dear Atiku, 
I tried for you, 
Supported you, 
Voted for you 
But hope you are aware, that the buhari you can't defeat, you joined hands in pushing him to aso rock in 2015?

When you were in APC, you left APC, ran back to PDP that you helped in removing from power and now you can't defeat APC and buhari.

Maybe it is karma fighting back! 
Who knows! 

Dear Atiku Abubakar
Accept the defeat in good faith
No need of going to court, it will be subjecting yourself to more ridicule.
You are still a billionaire.

Try again in 2023
But certainly NOT in PDP. 
Thank you.

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