Sunday, February 24, 2019


Yorubas threatening to kill Igbo people in Lagos.

See Screen shot below:


My Problem with some Igbo people who went to vote yesterday is that they don't listen. Both Hausa and Yoruba people don't like igbos. I keep saying this, (We are not One in this Country), But una no dey hear word. 


If I Say this Country should be divided, some igbos in Lagos will Come for my Head. Yesterday I preached against jungle justice, We want a better Country but we still Practice jungle justice? No matter that person's offence, why not hand the Person over to the Police?


Jungle justice keeps happening everytime in this Country but yesterday own was now tagged a Tribal jungle justice. 


Buhari said shoot/kill anyone who steals ballot box, I know this is a trap, it won't affect the North because soldiers hardly kill northerners, unfortunately its the east and south or West such thing could happen to. Now look at the Outcome.


Please igbos in Lagos should be careful, When I said I am seeing Catastrophe in Nigeria soon, some of you were Laughing at me. It has started small small, May God protect us all. 


Share this post to warn Igbos/ innocent people in Lagos, Also people living in Port Harcourt should stay safe.


Good morning and Happy Sunday.


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