Friday, February 22, 2019


"Urgent needs that need world attention"

"All is not well within the confines of the Presidential Villa; within the past 72 hours, the decibels of another Civil war, instability is ringing continuously".

The cry is stated as follows:

1. Fake Army imported from Niger, Chad, Somalia, etc (all islamic terrorists) to be unleashed on strongholds of PDP to perpetrate terror on the peoples of these states; Anambra, Rivers, Kwara, Enugu, Delta, some Yoruba States, etc.

2. Buhari not interested in handing over if he loses; plotting to use his few loyalists in the army to perpetuate himself in power or install a military government.

3. Army Public Relations Head resigns in protest, calls on his colleagues not to succumb to Buhari's terrorism threat against Nigerians.

4. Vice President Osinbajo threatens to resign, if they don't put things in order and adhere strictly to the tenets of democracy. 

5. Buhari, Danbazzau, Elrufai, Tinubu, Abba Kyari, Kibgibe, swears and bounds themselves together to unleash further evil on Nigerians under the cover of elections.

6. Saudi Arabia backs the Villa and the Cabal in the mad rush to Islamize Nigeria and cause Sharia implemented all over Nigeria. 

7. The military high command in total disarray. Some others are quitting in protest, instead of being used to unleash terror on hapless citizens. Buhari's threats to make those who will snatch ballot boxes as "their last acts" is a decoy to massacre innocent citizens.

8. Please fellow Nigerians remember the broadcast of the last surviving five Majors, Rtd Nwoboshi about the main reason why they carried out the coup of 1966; primarily to stop Ahmadu Bello to carry out his Islamization of Nigeria, and the order then to massacre yorubas as a way to subjugate them into total  aquiescence. 

The crisis they are planning to unleash is unimaginable. Fellow Nigerians, the IGBO THINK TANK MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE in partnership with ORIENTAL PLATFORM frowns at the undemocratic steps of these Jihadists in power are taking in working assiduously to unleash terror on innocent Nigerians just to enthrone Islam and Sharia all over Nigeria.

The price of liberty remains eternal vigilance. In anywhere you are, get ready. Those abroad start making calls to some International organizations, and major countries of the world. 

Those at home, be vigilant. Armageddon is being planned by Buhari and his cabal. This is not a drill, this is not just propaganda, these are facts of the Nigeria situation today.

Danbazzau's irresponsibly calls on "disloyal Police and Army Officers to resign" is totally anarchist and a danger signal in our democratic hemisphere. It is now known that the Military and Police have been politicized. This is anarchy coming. 

Lady Olive Onwualu

Dr Ken Anozie
Coordinating Secretary

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