Tuesday, February 26, 2019


"The Igbos are the most attacked ethnic group in Nigeria. They are attacked in the North, West, in the Middle-Belt, everywhere. Other ethnic groups seem not to like them. With the least provocation, Igbos are attacked, killed, their shops and businesses destroyed. 

Yet, they are being forced to accept and acknowledge one Nigeria and to be part of it. Why not allow them to go their separate way? If you hate them that much, allow them to leave Nigeria. Conduct a referendum and if they decide to go, let them go."


"My brother, It is called IGBOPHOBIA. It has been there before 1914. It was the cause of the murder of Aguiyi Ironsi, the result of counter-coup of 1967, among the consequences of the Igbo Genocide. It was the cause of the Biafra War (1967-1970), the “IGBO/Mbammiri Abandoned Property Saga”, name them! IGBOPHOBIAis real. But do the IGBOS know that they are hated, marginalized, enslaved, not wanted in their ‘One Nigeria?’

NNAMDI KANU is the only IGBO man who comprehends and feels disturbed by this nightmare and conspiracy against the IGBOS, who claim to be ‘Wise’ and ‘Intelligent’. This is why he is crying, shouting like “A MAD MAN” “A CRAZY LAD”. Only such figures, like Nnamdi Kanu can make the Deaf and Arrogant IGBOS think. 

They call him names – traitor – coward – idiot, liar, but he is so far the wisest, most intelligent, and the most honest fellow among the present generation of IGBO LEADERS and the so-called “IGBO-INTELLIGENTIA”. But who will accept the truth?" It is the like of Nnamdi Kanu that fits the present Nigerian leadership and the Cabal.

Any IGBO MAN, who claims to have the interest of IGBOS at heart and can do better than Nnamdi Kanu should come out now and take over the mantle of Igbo leadership! There is no better time than today! Standing on the fence and lashing out or seeking for sympathy will not solve IGBO problems!

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