Thursday, February 28, 2019


1. “If I lose this election, of course I will go back to my village. The country is not my father’s estate.” - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

2. “My ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.” - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

3. “Let nobody rig for me.” - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

4. “Yes, nothing will really ruffle me because I am willing and ready to serve but I am not desperate to serve. That is what keeps me going.” - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

5. “All of us who want to hold offices from the least: a councilor of a ward or a chairman of a council, a member of the state House of Assembly or member of House of Representatives, Senate, Governor or the President - if all of us are always ready and willing to serve our people but we are not desperate in that our mission, then of course Nigeria will be a better place for all of us.” - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

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