Monday, January 21, 2019


The atmosphere at the Aso Rock seat of power is currently tense as militants under the aegis of the 21st Century Youths of Niger Delta, have given President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) a list containing their demands for a peaceful 2019 elections in the South-South region of the country.

The Leader of the group, self-styled “General” Izon Ebi, in a statement issued to journalists, warned that Militants would not only stop the flow of oil, but cut all the pipes beyond repair, if the conditions are breached.


They have since asked that President Buhari ensured that Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, and not guns, count in next month’s elections in the oil region. They also urged the President against the alleged plot to arrest and replace Walter Onnoghen, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN).

In the statement, they claimed that failure to meet their conditions are not met, will be followed by  consequences which will be very terrible for the nation to stomach.


Part of the statement read:
“We therefore, want to summarise that the people of the Niger Delta want a peaceful election, where their voters cards will speak for them, not guns. We conclude by sounding it loud, that the CJN cannot be unlawfully removed from Office, and no amount of militarisation or intimidation, will cow the Niger Delta people into submission, and allow injustice to be meted out on our distinguished Leaders and personalities, anymore.

“The current alarm raised by the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, of an impending plot to arrest the CJN and replace him with a Northerner, is a very serious matter that the consequences will be so grievous for the Nigerian nation to bear. The 21st Century Youths of the Niger Delta and Agitators with Conscience, cannot comprehend the philosophy that makes us inferior and second-class citizens, in the abundance of our God-given resources in the Niger Delta, which sustain the Nigerian nation.


“There is no amount of intimidation that will force the Niger Delta people to join or support the APC, for sins to be forgiven. Government cannot force us to support it, when it does not take responsibility for its actions.”

Recall that in recent times, two major militant groups have been on loggerheads over the alleged plot by the Federal Government to arrest and charge Water Onnoghen. While the 21st Century Youths for Restructuring are against the alleged decision by the current administration, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA), which comprises of nine other militant groups, have warned the governors of the South South region and the militant group to stop politicising every issue including that of Walter Onnoghen.

Izon Ebi had released a statement where he claimed the current administration led by President Buhari planned to intimidate the judiciary in an unacceptable act of dictatorship.

The statement read: “The current harassment, intimidation, assassination attempt, forcible dismissal and retirement of distinguished personalities and leaders of the Niger Delta from the affairs of this country is no more acceptable. Our wealth will not be allowed to be used freely to run and sustain a system and a country that does not appreciate and respect the people whose wealth is used to sustain this country called Nigeria. The six-count charge the federal government preferred against Justice Onnoghen by the Code of Conduct Tribunal bordering on false declaration of assets is another act of dictatorship.

“It is now clear to all Nigerians that this administration is completely out of tune with the reality and situation we find ourselves concerning  the 2019 general election and the position of Niger Delta people whose lives and existence are being threatened by the activities of oil exploration and the insensitivity of the federal government. “The 2019 general elections next month will determine a new Nigeria or break the false marriage held in the Nigerian state without the consent of Niger Delta people that gave birth to Nigeria in 1914. Anything short of a free, fair, credible and acceptable election will give us no choice but to seek self-determination and destiny take over.

The leader of the RNDA, “Major- General” John Mark Ezonebi, aka Obama, on his part, urged President Buhari and the Presidency to ignore and disregard the purported empty threat made by the 21st Century Youths for Restructuring in totality. It described them as “criminal elements of youths, who do not exist anywhere in the creek of Niger Delta and being used by some disgruntled looters of our national treasury, who are supporters of Atiku/PDP Presidential Movement.”

Ezonebi went on to say, “RNDA, hereby, warns the coalition to desist from their incessant careless empty threats, otherwise the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers with the coalition of the nine militant groups, will smoke them out from their hiding places in the cities and expose their sponsors and co-travellers in their ill-fated journey. They should not forget so soon how the RNDA with its affiliates brought the defunct Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, activities to stand still in the creek.”

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