Friday, January 11, 2019


1. Making calls or playing games while charging

Making use of your phone while charging it can be hazardous, either to your health or to the phone.

Although it may seem like there's nothing wrong in doing so, it is actually one of the chief mistakes that destroy phones.

Ideally, when charging your Android phone, you're supposed to place it on a cool surface, a tiled floor or something that won’t get hot in time.

2. Downloading Android apps from sites

Statistically, 80% of Android users have been shown to be guilty of this.

Downloading app files from sites might seem easy and better at first but with time, the repercussion will be felt when malware starts invading your Android phone.

It is advisable and way better when you install apps from the Google Play Store with Play Protect.

3. Putting your android phone in your pocket

As funny as it might sound, it is bad; especially in a tight jeans’ pocket. The pressure could affect the android phone in so many ways, the screen might start to malfunction.

Holding it in your hand when you are out and about is basically the best.

4. Putting your phone under a pillow while sleeping

Its okay to be tired and sleepy after using your smartphone at night, but placing it under your pillow or anywhere on the bed to be precise can be dangerous.

Simply turn it off or get up and place it on a wooden-like table or stand.

There have been lots of explosions from Android users putting their phone under the pillow before or on the bed before sleeping.

This is one regular mistake that should be avoided by all means.

5. Not turning it off

Ideally, you are supposed to turn off your phone before going to bed and turn it back on when you wake.

There’s a huge difference between turning off a phone for some time and just rebooting it.

It is important to emphasize that turning off the phone for some time helps clear caches automatically and makes sure subsystems are properly restarted

Additionally, switching it off should help with the longevity of the RAM and enable certain diagnostics as well.

6.  Overcharging or draining the battery

Inasmuch as it is more like a norm, you're not supposed to wait till the battery shuts down completely before charging your phone.

Simply put it on standby if you don’t have access to electricity and if it’s below 10%.

On the other hand, overcharging the battery helps in killing the battery which will only make it weak with time.

It not difficult to understand this. Just think of what happens when you’re filled up but you keep on eating. Exactly, no one wants to have a swollen battery.

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