Friday, January 18, 2019


According to Daily post, Edet dumped the young girl in the Use Offot market area, despite the fact that she was bleeding badly. The young girl whose identity has been withheld, was reportedly rushed to St Luke’s hospital, Anua by passerbys for medical attention.

One Miriam Daniels who is reportedly a member of a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Journalists Alliance against Gender Based Violence, was responsible for rushing the child to the hospital after spotting her lying down and bleeding in the market square. Daniels said;


” I was moved by the little girl’s pitiable state of health, I insisted that I should be taken to the suspect’s residence. When I arrived at the place, I was confronted with a pool of blood in the suspect’s apartment and blood stains were noticed in the premises.

“The suspect’s door was locked and there was no indication that he was within the neighbourhood.’’ Edet was finally apprehended in his hometown in Oku Iboku, where he was reportedly hiding out in the home of his pastor.

He added that Edet had asked if he would be allowed to go free if he yielded to them, however he was taken to the police station. In his statement at the sewer a police station, Edet confessed to the crime, disclosing that despite working as a Keke driver, he was also an elder in his church.

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