Monday, January 21, 2019


A man has taken to his Instagram page to rant on how armed robbers invaded an eatery in Lagos, where they were having lunch, and robbed customers without any interruption. According to the man, the entire scene looked like a pre-planned job as the security men at the eatery allegedly fled from the scene immediately the robbers stormed the eatery.

He also alleged that the manager refused to show up while the robbery was going on. He wrote: ‘Nigeria insecurity…, we got robbed at Tastee this afternoon by 3:30 pm when having our lunch, when the robbers got in the Generator and power supply got off immediately the robbers entered the restaurant and shot 5 times, collected money, phones etc, the security men ran away when the robbers was obtaining everyone and they did not touch the staff only the customers got robbed. It all looks like a a set up already planned with the robbers.

And the manager of Tastee was around but locked he's self up stairs after the robbers left the manager must be questioned and return all the money and phones collected from us.

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