Saturday, January 26, 2019


It was all shades of joy today at the Corporate Headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, International Conference Center, the venue of the glorious wedding, as the first son of the fastest growing church in Africa, Pastor Joshua Muoka together with his wife, Sis Ifunanya Favour Muoka, walked down the aisle. This opened up marriage celebration for the year 2019.

The wedding took all by surprise. This is because men were expecting something else but this young man who took after his daddy’s humility, went on a low key to tie the knot. The wedding could be described as the simplest marriage but uniquely orchestrated by God. God was truly involved and He’s happy because of the message the marriage sent to the public – a perfect example of humility.


The handsome groom and the beautiful bride were so much happy with the joy they shared in God’s presence today.To the latest couple in the house, Pst Joshua Muoka and Sis Ifunnanya Favour Muoka, may the love you both share today grow stronger as you grow old together. May everything that pertains to God’s blessing in marriage be your portion in Jesus name.

Comedians, Mc Toothpick, Laff Mayor, Mc Tutalk and Mc Samorano, all of them members of a comedy group known as Naija’s Craziest, were reportedly arrested by the police on Tuesday in Lagos for their part in the production of a new video that parodies members of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Church and its General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka.


Tagged Naija’s Craziest Episode 144, the video, which is available on Youtube, begins with a disclaimer and a caption that reads, “When members of a church think that an apron is powerful enough to protect them, they will roll in the mud and confront armed robbers.”

Thereafter, it opens, showing a group of Christian worshippers, presumably members of the church, wearing olive green aprons and singing loudly and dancing in a muddy street. One of them, a male, rolls on the ground and in a pool of muddy water that lies between the camera and the singing mass.


While the scene continues to run in the background, the comedians appear on the screen, one after another and criticise members of the church for their conduct in public. Beginning with Mc Toothpick, they attack the latter for “preaching and constituting a nuisance” to the public.

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