Saturday, January 26, 2019


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has come under attack and has been asked to resign over the suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen by his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari had on Friday suspended Onnoghen and immediately appointed Tanko Mohammed as an acting CJN.

Explaining his reason, the President said he suspended Onnoghen, following an order from the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, asking him to wield the big stick.

However, Onnoghen’s suspension has since stirred reactions from Nigerians, lawyers and opposition parties describing Buhari as a ‘Tyrant’ and also launching a direct attack on Osinbajo.

Some Nigerians, reacting to the development on social media attacked Osinbajo who is a SAN for disregarding the constitution by remaining ‘silent’ about Buhari’s action. Most of them called on Osinbajo to resign, expressing disappointment in his position as a ‘SAN and Pastor’

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Adeyanjudeji “Osinbajo values principles or decency, he would resign today & no longer be part of this disgrace, but he is not different from the tyrant. Everything Buhari touches turns to ash, all the intellectuals around the President have been transformed to semi-literates.Tyrant Buhari.”

@Temphiz “Prof Osinbajo is a total disappointment. Expected more from a cerebral person like him. And don’t say his hands are tied though cos you won’t be truthful to yourself that way.”

@UcheBriggs “Listen. We can no longer absolve Prof Pastor Osinbajo. Whatever excuse we may have made for him before, it ends now.”

@Dolarpo “If Osibanjo still hasn’t resigned after this, what shall we say of these things? what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul? Sir, this is where I rest my case.”

@Timothy13818925 “I call on the National Judicial Council and Nigeria Bar Association to, as a matter of urgency, punish Osinbajo and withdraw all his qualifications and titles for his failure to guide president Buhari aright. He is a great disappointment to the judiciary and democracy of Nigeria.”

@Olurops “Wait, Osinbajo is a professor of law. Shame on him.Fake pastor.“

@Walexcul “Buhari is nothing but an enemy of democracy and Osinbajo is a disgrace to the law profession. Tyrant Buhari.”

@Musterwizzle “Osinbajo has the fear of God ni as the Pastor that he is, he should have resigned by now to protest all these illegalities.”

@Nwankpa_A “Atiku fought his boss over 3rd term. It was almost political harakiri, but he dived in head first. Where is Prof Osinbajo? Does he agree with this?

@Ovieo “Your darling VP, Prof. Osinbajo is fully complicit. Totally, absolutely, completely. History will judge your MCM as a tool in the hands of this tyrant you all call your president.”

@Harshtagseries “Osibanjo should honourably resign. All the appointment made has been reversed ranging from DSS boss to CJN.So sad.“

@nK “When Osinbajo declared his assets publicly, he said he had $900k and N94m in his bank accounts. His assets were valued at over $2m. Robert Clarke didn’t ask how a former Lagos state commissioner of justice is worth $2m.

@Switkem “Nigeria is *ucked, Buhari is a mistake, Osinbajo is a wolf in sheep clothing What a mistake!!!

@Atooki_Olayemi “I challenge the credibility of SAN of VP Osinbajo as to the level of legal advice he is giving the present administration if he can sit and watch his principal to turn the constitution of the country upside-down.”

@OtunbaSula “I am pretty sure Osinbajo is game with all these. He nodded in approval when Buhari stressed: “Rule of law is subject to National Interest” just months ago. By the way, he is in a good position to recommend amendments to the constitution that gives corruption a fighting chance.”

@KengKengati “Osinbajo is the greatest embarrassment in all of these. Senior Advocate of Nonsense. He has some subordinates in the nonsense category. Itse Sagay and Festus Keyamo. Legal wastes.”

@C_Edum “The current greatest threat to our democracy is not just Buhari, its Osinbanjo and his kinds. You remember when Osinbajo told us that Buhari was not aware of the case against CJN. Will pastor and Law Professor (SAN) Osinbajo tell us now that Buhari is not aware of the suspension?

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