Friday, January 4, 2019


As many prophets keep releasing their predictions, the General Overseer of the Christ Apostolic Deliverance Evangelic Ministry, CADEM, Mowe, Ogun State, Apostle S. S. Aderibigbe, has released some prophecies in which he claimed God told him concerning 2019.

Below are the prophecies:

God said we should proclaim a 3- day fasting and prayer before 21st of January 2019 to avert massive bloodshed in our land in the year 2019.

God said 2019 general elections will not be peaceful, as it will not favour the ruling party.

God said one mighty figure in Lagos will pass away in 2019 and this will shake the entire state.

God said there will be serious fire outbreak in Lagos in 2019 that will be worse than 2018 occurrence.

God said one mighty king in Yoruba land will pass away in year 2019.

God said there will be serious strike action by schools in Nigeria in 2019 most especially in the tertiary institutions. Labour will also embark on serious industrial action in 2019 because of betrayal from government.

Fuel pump price will crash in 2019.

Dollar will also fall massively in 2019.

God said we should warn female students to be very careful as many of them will be kidnapped for money rituals in 2019.

God said that Boko Haram will still wax stronger and many more communities will be attacked and they will claim more lives in 2019 but this will not come to the South West.

God said that the interest of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, will come to pass on the 2019 presidential election.

God said we should pray against sudden death on the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom.

God said one Governor will die of road accident on his way to Lokoja together with his driver and orderly in 2019.

God said that some popular political parties in Nigeria will no more function in 2019.

God said we should pray for the incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, to avert sudden death.

God said we should pray seriously against massive killings of Nigerians in South Africa in 2019.

Two countries in Africa will fight over land in 2019 and this will be terrible. It will lead to massive bloodshed including Nigerians on peace mission. It will also defy all resolution attempts by Africa Union.

One great man of God along Lagos-Ibadan Exp. Way will pass on early in 2019.

God said four senators will die after returning from a ceremony/celebration of their fellow member in 2019.

God said that Ghanaian people should pray against sudden death of their president in 2019.

God said that the world will soon come to an end. HE also said that there is a certain region in India that Christ Gospel has never reached. God added that His Gospel will reach the region by a true church in 2019.

God said that Nigerians should pray against children diseases that will claim the lives of many children in 2019.

There will be more deaths of many popular theatre artistes in Nigeria in 2019 than in 2018. This is a repercussion for their inordinate occult power.

God said that the wall of the ruling party, APC, has fallen by the hands of Northern leaders.

There will be serious chaos and conflict in Abuja that will claim many lives in 2019.

Seven professors will die in Nigeria in 2019: Four from South West; Two from the North; and One from South East.

God said year 2019 is a year of God’s judgement for fake Ministers of God, most especially the popular ones.

One great monarch in Lagos will die in 2019.

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