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The female body is quite fascinating and often unpredictable. Women experience a few different types of orgasms based on what body part is being stimulated. And not all of them will happen during sexual scenarios. 

There are certain activities that can stimulate the hormones responsible for our orgasms. And because it’s not technically normal, you may start to feel concerned that something is wrong. But don’t fret if you achieve orgasms through these non-sexual means.

1. During Certain Exercises
One study has actually confirmed that women can have orgasms when they exercise. This is sometimes called ‘coregasm’ because it often happens in conjunction with core abdominal muscle exercises.

2. While Asleep
Sleep orgasms are also real. It is possible for some women to reach the big O during erotic dreams. When this happens with men, there is usually physical evidence (hence, the term ‘wet dreams’). But many women would only have a memory of the experience. While this can be confusing, if you suspect it happened during a super hot dream, it probably did.

3. While Breastfeeding
According to one study, a lactating mother may become sexually aroused during breastfeeding. This is quite normal (blame it on the hormones). Unfortunately, a lack of information has caused many women to feel so guilty about these reactions that they stop breastfeeding altogether.

4. During Childbirth
In a report by Fox News, it was explained that there is a possibility of women to achieve orgasm during childbirth. This ‘birthgasm’ can be caused by many things. Experts have theorized that the baby moving through a female body, passing through the vagina and perhaps hitting the G-spot on the way can trigger an orgasm.

5. During Yoga
If you’re on the fence about being a yogi, this may inspire you to come on board. According to Bustle, certain body positions in conjunction with the movement and activation of the deep, pelvic floor muscles can trigger something in there which can lead to a climax. Of course, this isn’t true for everyone. But the possibility is thrilling, no?

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