Sunday, January 27, 2019


A 37-year-old lady has had a hair extension surgically removed from her eye after she was allegedly stabbed in the face with a broken bottle by her sister in Delta State. She was rushed to Delta State University Teaching Hospital where doctors extracted the shard of the glass that got stuck in her upper cheek and pinned the hair attachment from her eye socket.

The woman’s predicament was published by the medical journal BMJ Case Reports. A doctor from the teaching hospital, who reported the case in the  BMJ Case Reports, said the victim’s right eye was producing excessive amounts of fluid and intensely red, but her eyeball was mostly intact. However, she suffered ‘irreversible’ damage to her cornea – the front of her eye – leaving it blinded and useless. The hair attachment – believed to have been sliced off the woman’s weave during the attack – was sticking out of a diagonal slash beneath her eye. The doctor did not include any details of the woman’s argument with her sister.


The section of hair believed to have been sliced off the woman’s weave during the attack were sticking out of a diagonal slash beneath her eye.

‘The cause of the retention of the woven artificial hair on the face was not initially clear,’ Dr Etetafia wrote. Dr Mabel also revealed that the woman’s hair was hanging in front of her face and the plait became caught on the end of the glass during the stabbing. She said it was driven into the flesh beneath her eye and pinned there by a piece of glass which broke off.

‘Although the patient had similar strands on her hair the flexible nature of the strands further posed a challenge to the cause of the retention.

‘The mechanism that introduced the woven artificial hair strands … is not clear but it is most likely that the hair was on the path of penetration of the broken glass at the time of the stab injury.’

Injuries of this kind can be life-threatening, Dr Etetafia added, because they are so close to vital body parts like blood vessels and the brain.

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