Saturday, December 29, 2018


1. Some ladies judge a guy from his physical appearance: A guy may have good looks and handsome face but his heart may be wicked and bad. Stop judging a guy from his physical looks.

2. Ladies are easily deceived with sweet words: For the fact that he tells you sweet words does not mean that he is a nice guy. Don't fall in love with him because of his sweet words and big grammar. It can be dangerous.

3. Ladies do fall in love easily with guys who are celebrities with special talents, etc.: Note that he may be talented but that does not make him to have a good heart. A person can be a celebrity and still have a wicked heart. Don't date him because he is a celebrity.

4. Many ladies these days want to date rich men because of money: As you look at the heaviness of his pocket, look at the content of his heart also. Wealth does not guarantee complete happiness.

5. Some ladies love guys who are very active in church activities, dedicated to church,etc: well it is very good to date and marry a churchy guy. But be careful! He might be a hypocrite. Don't be carried away by that. For the fact that he is active in church activities does not mean that he will be a good husband.


1. Search his heart. Take your time and study him. By their fruits you shall know them.
2. Don't be in hurry to fall in love with him.
3. Don't give a guy all of your heart immediately.
4. Use your brain to think. Don't use your heart.
5. Use your discretion.
6. Don't be desperate.

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